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AdExcel transforms Ads into Social Ads

Making ads more visible, engaging and instantly more significant.
Strong Advantages for generating Word of Mouth (WOM) Marketing while measuring Cost Per Action (CPA), Feedback from the Marketplace, Social Media Integration e.g. Facebook and Twitter, and More – all can be done by just adding a simple code to your Ads.

We have always focus on helping companies excel in advertising based on building amazing technology, but making it simple to use. AdExcel has achieved that with Social Ads and Safe Ads, both which are our flagship products that we are extremely proud of.

Advertising is evolving and we understand that brands need to evolve too. Companies are finding ways keep up with the speed of growing social media like Facebook and Twitter, while making sure they are still well connected with customers and the marketplace. At AdExcel, we design our technology based on these principles to make advertising become more powerful. So, we use technology to make advertising better.

Social Advertising

The idea of making an Ad into a social network is just too compelling. Imagine if your ad is wrapped around a layer of social media that allows users to see each other, mingle and spread your message across. Of course, you would still be the owner and be able to set the rules. Wouldn’t that be great? AdExcel does that for you and more. With a simple code added to your ad, it transforms it into a Social Ad that does amazing things for you and your brand. Your Ad Campaign becomes more engaging, more viral and generates Word of Mouth. With AdExcel, it’s your same Ad but better.
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